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Here's a great place to start

Here's a great place to start

The HSUS’ affiliates

The following is an excerpt from our general FAQ. Read the rest »

How is The HSUS affiliated with my local humane society?

Local humane societies and SPCAs are independent entities and are not run by The HSUS or any other national entity. The HSUS works with local humane societies and supports their work through training, evaluations, publications, and other professional services.

Additionally, The HSUS operates its own network of animal sanctuaries and rescue operations, providing emergency care and homes to more animals than any other organization in the United States.

The HSUS serves local animal shelters and provides direct animal care coast to coast. Find out how »

How is The HSUS affiliated with other animal organizations?

The HSUS shares similar goals with many organizations. We are directly affiliated with the following organizations:

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Report Stray or Injured Animals / Animal Cruelty

If you have found a stray or injured animal, please call your local animal care and control agency. To report a case of animal cruelty, please contact your local law enforcement agency. (Search online here.)

Specific Program Questions? Contact our departments »

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