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Molly Goldston, On Your Side

Animal advocate is there when she's needed

The Humane Society of the United States

Molly Goldston

Diane Lewis Photography

Working tirelessly to help rehabilitate and place dogs freed after puppy mill raids in North Carolina is only one of the attributes that makes Molly Goldston one of the state's best known and widely respected animal advocates.

Dedicated Partner

From her 10-acre farm outside Wake Forest where she operates her Saving Grace adoption center, she has earned a reputation among animal control officers, cruelty investigators,  veterinarians and  other  animal professionals  as a dedicated partner helping dogs in need. "Molly is always one phone call away when we need her to take in dogs," explains HSUS State Director Kim Alboum.

Goldston, she adds, is also a consummate and unflappable diplomat who deals effectively with the prickly personalities often found within the ranks of public service nonprofit groups.

"She's formed relationships with the most difficult shelters in North Carolina and maintains them under all circumstances, which is incredibly demanding," explains Alboum. "A lot of animal control directors don't like rescue groups. They can be very uncooperative but Molly is able to work effectively with them because for her, it's all about the animals."

Finding Forever Homes

Goldston, who has found homes for hundreds of dogs in the past six years, also plays a unique role in locating and finding animals who languish and have all but disappeared in the adoption network.

Explains Alboum: "She focuses on those little rundown shelters in small towns and rural areas that are unappealing to the public who tend to look to the newer, more modern facilities.  She'll take any dogs she thinks have a chance, put them in her program, rehabilitate them, and find them good homes. Her adoption rate is really good." 

Molly has a reputation for being so passionate about helping rural shelters place their animals that she drives hundreds of miles to locate suitable dogs. She also  meets with countless families seeking to make the perfect match – always maintaining a flawless manicure and a warm smile.

Alboum, who often relies on Goldston to provide expert testimony in legal and legislative hearings, is presently shepherding a new puppy mill bill through the North Carolina statehouse that would require commercial puppy breeders to be licensed and mandate improved living conditions for the dogs.


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