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These are the bills and issues we are currently working on in Pennsylvania. Look-up federal legislation

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  • Pennsylvania: Help end two cruel practices with one bill

    Pets left unattended in hot cars can suffer needlessly and even die. Thankfully, Pennsylvania lawmakers are considering new legislation known as HB 1516 to address this issue and help protect dogs and cats. HB 1516 will allow law enforcement to enter an unattended vehicle to rescue a dog or cat, without liability for any damages caused in doing so. An amendment to HB 1516 will also be voted on that will finally ban live pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania. Live pigeon shoots are outdated and gruesome shooting contest events where dazed birds are launched from boxes so contestants can shoot them down for prizes. Please help stop these two forms of cruelty by speaking out in support of HB 1516.

  • Demand stricter animal cruelty laws in Pennsylvania

    Libre's Law would increase penalties for animal abuse adding a first-offense felony conviction to Pennsylvania's cruelty statute. If passed, this bill will bring Pennsylvania in line with the majority of the country, as it is one of just three states without first offense felony for animal torture.