If you live in the Washington, D.C. or South Florida areas and have a problem with wildlife, we can solve it—humanely and effectively. Contact us at 866-9HUMANE (866-948-6263) or request an appointment online.

  • Our services include removing and reuniting animal babies with their mothers. HWS

Services We Perform

Our wildlife biologists and technicians provide a wide range of wildlife conflict resolution services, from removing and excluding wild animals from buildings to preventing flooding caused by beavers.

We can develop and implement solutions to small to large-scale wildlife conflicts for municipalities, homeowner associations, or property management companies.

Conflict Assessment

  • Our comprehensive site assessment provides identification of animal(s) that have gotten into the home or are the source of conflict, their associated damage and all entry points and potential entry points.
  • Written estimates and consultation for the solution to your wildlife conflicts are provided on site.
  • Whether for peace of mind or selling a house or property, residential and commercial comprehensive wildlife-proofing assessments are available as written or PDF reports detailing any wildlife intrusion history or susceptibility to intrusion and remedies.

Conflict Resolution

  • Removal of wild animals from structures using species-specific techniques
  • Retrieval of offspring (if present)
  • Reunions of offspring and mothers 
  • Removal of dead animals

Conflict Prevention

Installation of custom animal-proofing for all entry and potential entry holes, including:

  • roof sheathing and trim gap
  • vents: roof, attic, and exhaust
  • chimneys
  • decks and porches
  • sheds 

Commercial Consulting

Are you with a municipality, property management firm, homeowners association, or real estate agency? We offer a full suite of customized consulting services for communities and commercial clients experiencing wildlife conflicts.

See below for a list of the services we perform, then contact us at 866-9HUMANE (866-948-6263) or through our online service request form for more information.

  • Full consulting services for small- and large-scale commercial and community conflict resolution with all species, including Canada geese, beaver, and bats
  • Species-specific habitat installation and maintenance 
  • Wildlife conflict presentations and seminars
  • Identification of animal damage and entry points using a comprehensive site inspection
  • Residential and commercial comprehensive wildlife-proofing assessment
  • Wildlife-proofing inspection and certificates

Quality and Effectiveness Guaranteed

We are fully licensed and insured and abide by strict health and safety standards. We employ only the highest humane standards, and all exclusion materials and workmanship are guaranteed against animal re-entry.


Our competitively-priced services vary from job to job, depending on the scope, complexity, and materials required. All major credit cards accepted. Please contact us for an estimate or to learn more about our services.

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