If you live in the Washington, D.C. or South Florida areas and have a problem with wildlife, we can solve it—humanely and effectively. Contact us at 866-9HUMANE (866-948-6263) or request an appointment online.

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Training and Support

Humane Wildlife Services also offers a wide range of customized consulting services, from human-wildlife conflict resolution workshops for animal care professionals to training for organizations and individuals on how to start a business.

For the Animal Care Professional

Few animal shelters have the resources to manage wildlife calls—but that doesn't mean you don’t receive them. We offer effective training for shelter staff and others interested in raising the bar for wildlife control in their communities.

Human-wildlife conflicts are increasing across the United States and the public continues to call upon the animal care and control community to help resolve them. An effective phone call handling and advising system will:

  • save the lives of wild animals.
  • educate the public.
  • prevent orphaning.
  • dramatically reduce the burden on animal control officers, police, shelter staff, and shelter resources.

Workshops are interactive learning opportunities and cover participants’ most challenging conflict calls and response scenarios. These workshops also highlight Humane Wildlife Services’ innovative approach to hands-on solving of wildlife conflicts.


We also offer specialized workshops in effective methods for resolving conflicts with various wildlife species:

Become a humane wildlife control professional

Humane Wildlife Services offers workshop and training packages for municipal agencies, animal care and control, and other organizations and individuals who would like to learn more about solving wildlife conflicts and how to provide humane wildlife services in their market.

We offer affordable, customized training packages to show you how to start your own humane wildlife control business or to augment an existing program with humane wildlife control services. We provide instruction to the animal care and control community and individuals on how to create viable, effective, and humane urban wildlife control services that add a revenue stream or provide a profitable enterprise.

Customized training includes:

  • Call-handling
  • Licensing
  • Outfitting and equipment use
  • Safety
  • Humane approaches to wildlife control
  • How wild animals use structures
  • Identification of species
  • Reuniting
  • Ride-alongs in the field

To learn more about training and workshop opportunities, please contact us at 866-9HUMANE or hws@humanewildlifeservices.com.