If you live in the Washington, D.C. or South Florida areas and have a problem with wildlife, we can solve it—humanely and effectively. Contact us at 866-9HUMANE (866-948-6263) or request an appointment online.

  • Although they may take up residence under a deck or porch for the winter, conflicts with opossums are rare. John Griffin/The HSUS

Why Hire Us?

You may want the animals out, but that doesn't mean you want them hurt or killed. Because we're run by The Humane Society of the United States, you know we employ only the highest humane standards.

Our work is competitively-priced and guaranteed to not only keep animals safe from harm, but also provide complete customer satisfaction with long-lasting quality and effectiveness.

Endorsed, Permitted, Licensed, and Certified

  • HWS’s methods are endorsed by humane societies, animal control agencies, and wildlife rehabilitators
  • We are staffed with wildlife biologists trained and experienced in humane urban wildlife control including animal identification and handling, structure use, and damage control.
  • Permits held: Maryland DNR Wildlife Damage Control Commercial Operator Permit/License, Virginia DGIF Commercial Nuisance Animal Permit, Washington D.C. Reciprocal License/Permit
  • Certified in Humane Wildlife Control
  • Qualified Bat Conservation International Professional Bat Excluder (batcon.org)
  • Certified in Technical Animal Rescue
  • Bird Barrier-trained installers

Comprehensive Services and Convenience

  • A full range of residential and commercial services
  • Proven techniques maintain existing population dynamics and reduce disease transmission
  • Fully insured, with certificates of insurance available upon request
  • Service can be scheduled at the customers' convenience
  • Emergency service as available
  • All major credit cards accepted 

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Ultimately, I chose your service because I had a hard time seeing anybody beating your prices and doing as much removal and exclusion work.” - Sean Lyons

“Thank you for a job well done.” - Valerie Norton-Kaufman

“Many thanks for your help with ridding our attic of squirrels. They have not been back. [I] have to say you all answered all of my questions and were very professional.” - Annette Hunn

“Thank you very much for your help.  I appreciate your responsiveness and thoughtful advice.  You made me feel much better about our situation.” - Bonnie LePard

Areas Served

We serve residential and commercial customers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and South Florida. If you live outside our service areas, please see our guide to choosing a humane wildlife control company.


Our competitively-priced services vary from job to job, depending on the scope, complexity and materials required. All major credit cards accepted. Please contact us for an estimate.

Humane Wildlife Services In the News

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