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Meet Annie

Annie, a quarter horse, has a gentle disposition and an eagerness to please

The Humane Society of the United States / The Fund for Animals

  • Annie. The HSUS

  • Annie. The HSUS

Adoption status: Adoption pending

Breed: Quarter horse

Sex: Mare

Color: Sorrel, blaze

Age: 5 years

Height: 15 hh 

Horsenality: RB/LB-E

Spirit: Moderate 

Annie was rescued from a breeder in Lindale, Texas where she suffered from extreme neglect and starvation.

She has made a full and speedy recovery. She plays Parelli’s Seven Games and has been started under saddle. Annie is a Right-Brain/Left-Brain Extrovert. Playful, perceptive, charismatic, confident, athletic, willing and sensitive are just a few words to describe her. Annie has the mind and physical ability to go in many directions. From trail to English and western events, she could make someone a very fun horse.

Annie’s sweet nature, gentle disposition and eagerness to please suggest that she would do well with a less experienced adopter, one with the opportunity and means to seek assistance from a professional natural horse trainer.

Adopt Annie