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Meet Lazer

Lazer, a mustang gelding, is a sure-footed introvert who is perceptive, willing and sweet-natured

The Humane Society of the United States / The Fund for Animals

  • Lazer. The HSUS

Breed: BLM Mustang

Sex: Gelding

Color: Sorrel, blaze face, left hind sock

Age: 5 years old

Height: 14.2 hh 

Horsenality: LB/RB-I

Spirit: Moderate

Lazer was captured by the Bureau of Land Management when he was three years old. Several failed adoptions brought him to DDHRAC.

Mustangs are known for their endurance, loyalty, self-preservation and intelligence. They are sure-footed and built to be strong and sound. Lazer plays Parelli’s Seven Games and gains more confidence every day. As a Right-Brain/Left-Brain Introvert, he is perceptive, sensitive, low-key and sometimes shy. He is also very willing and sweet-natured.

Someone interested in adopting Lazer should have some experience with Mustangs or should be able to continue his training with a professional natural horse trainer. Lazer deserves a final successful adoption.

Adopt Lazer