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A colony of cats used to make their home on San Nicolas Island in the Channel Islands, but because they were non-native to the island, all of the cats were slated by government officials for euthanasia. Now the cats make their home at the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, Calif., where some of them are available for adoption.

  • Nick is social with people and enjoys playing with toys and the other cats. The HSUS

Adopt a San Nicolas Cat

Don’t let the name “feral” kitty fool you: after months of care at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, the cats rescued from San Nicolas Island are sociable, well-adapted and ready to go to good homes. They will only be adopted to families who will commit to housing them indoors or in an enclosed cattery to prevent the cats from harassing your neighborhood wildlife.

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A Short History of the San Nicolas Island Cats

Learn more about feral cats and approaches to managing them

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