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These cats used to make their home on San Nicolas Island in the Channel Islands. When they became a threat to local wildlife, all of the cats were slated by the government officials for euthanasia. That's when we stepped in. Now the cats make their home at the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, Calif., where they have it all: food, toys, attention, and a place to call home. Want to meet them? Use the web cam in their enclosure to look for each of the cats

  • Athena
    Athena's mouth forms a frown; she is a grey tabby with some brownish-red. Look for Athena

  • Brut
    Brut has a long slender body and sky blue collar. Look for Brut

  • Tau
    Tau is very social with humans, and all the cats in the colony seem to enjoy his company. As a cream tabby, he has an orange coat. Look for Tau

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea is social, has a narrow face and a bottom lip that is half pink, half black. Look for Chelsea

  • Grace
    With her grey coat and bright green eyes, Grace has distinct features. Look for Grace

  • Nick
    Nick is a social brown tabby with a royal blue collarLook for Nick

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