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May 31, 2013

The Pet Help Partners Program

Innovative program keeps families together and pets out of shelters

  • Pet Help Partners is dedicated to helping people address pet challenges before they break up the family. iStockphoto

The Pet Help Partners program keeps families and their pets together during difficult times.

Partnering with local professionals and businesses, PHP provides in-depth problem-solving advice, advocacy, and other services to members of the community who face losing their beloved pets because of frustrations with pet behavior, problems with housing, financial difficulties, and other life crises.

Since 2009, our program has kept more than 12,000 pets with their families—averting heartbreak and preventing many pets from losing their homes and being put at risk.

The PHP helpline is a pet owner's lifeline

Through our free phone helpline, we assist thousands of people each year. People can reach us by calling 917-468-2938 or via free phones in the shelter lobbies of our partner, Animal Care and Control of NYC.

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PHP is there during a crisis

Many problems can be overwhelming enough to make it seem difficult or even impossible for people to keep their pets:

  • A property owner suddenly institutes a no-pets policy
  • A relationship ends, leaving the pet and owner in need of a place to stay
  • Someone in the family loses a job
  • An owner needs to be hospitalized.

PHP has a strong record of finding long-term solutions for every situation. And we are committed to working with our clients beyond the immediate crisis.

Learn how to set up a program like Pet Help Partners in your community »

PHP connects clients with free or low-cost services from partnering professionals and businesses

We coordinate with local veterinary practices, dog trainers, cat behaviorists, attorneys, and other professionals who sign on as partners and offer their services at reduced or no cost to PHP clients. Thanks to these essential partnerships, we are able to connect our clients with services such as following for free or at discounted rates:

  • Cat and dog behavior advice and training
  • Pet health, spay/neuter, and wellness information, as well as referrals to veterinary service partners
  • Temporary boarding or other options for short-term housing of pets
  • Tenant advocacy for pet owners with pet-related housing conflicts
  • Allergy and shedding solutions, including grooming resources
  • Pet food and supply donations

If you live in the New York City metropolitan area and have a pet-related problem, call 917-468-2938.

PHP helps owners deal with behaviors

Most of us who have companion animals can use some guidance when our puppy chews up a favorite pair of new shoes or our cat doesn’t use her litter box. At no cost, PHP experts work with clients to find the right solutions for such problems—often creating better understanding between pet and owner.

Pet Help Partners is there for the whole community

If you live in the New York City area and need help solving a pet-related problem, call us today at 917-468-2938.

Volunteers are essential to PHP! Learn how you can help today »

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