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South Florida Wildlife Center Adoptions

We have great companion animals available for adoption

  • Reptiles like this bearded dragon are often up for adoption at South Florida Wildlife Center. The HSUS


    SFWC often has sweet, loving cockatiel birds waiting for adoption at the center. The HSUS

  • Tortoises, who can live for decades, are occasionally among the residents of SFWC looking for new homes. The HSUS

Did you know that the South Florida Wildlife Center has animals available for adoption? 

In addition to treating injured wildlife, the center assists certain domestic/non-native animals in finding just the right home.

Because these animals were kept as pets and/or are not native to Florida, they cannot be released into the wild. If you are looking for a non-traditional companion animal, we might have just what you are looking for. Our goal is to find these animals life-long, loving homes.

What kinds of animals are up for adoption?

Some of the available animals we have are reptiles like snakes, iguanas, and monitor lizards. We also often have some species of turtles and tortoises looking for adoptive homes.

In addition to a bunch of sweet bunnies, we also have a variety of avian companions—cockatiels, conures, parakeets, finches, lovebirds, canaries, and sometimes other larger birds. Visit our petfinder listings to see who's currently up for adoption!

What is the adoption process?

Prospective adopters are asked to complete an adoption form and agree to its conditions. Each animal leaving our center has been given complete medical preventative care, and the majority of adoptable animals are neutered or spayed unless it is medically unadvisable.

Adoption fees vary according to species.

Please call the adoption section at 954-524-4302, ext. 15, or email us for more information or to arrange an appointment with our adoption specialists.

Please note: The SFWC does not offer native wildlife for adoption, nor do we treat dogs and cats or offer them for adoption. Contact your local shelter or visit petfinder.com if you can provide a good home for a dog, cat, or small companion animal (such as a hamster).

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