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South Florida Wildlife Center Events

South Florida Wildlife Center hosts lectures series, educational seminars, and other special events in our beautiful pavilion in Fort. Lauderdale (except where noted). We encourage you to join us at these events to learn more about efforts to protect wildlife and other issues related to our work. 

For more information about any of these events, please contact South Florida Wildlife Center: 954-524-7154.

You can also look up our currently scheduled events at the South Florida Wildlife Center's Facebook Events page.

Past Events

April, 2013: SFWC's Wildlife Workshops [PDF]
March, 2013: SFWC's Wildlife Workshops [PDF]
February 2013: SFWC's Wildlife Workshops [PDF]  
January 2013: SFWC Open House and Wildlife Workshop Series [PDF]
and Hero Benefit Party [PDF]
December 2012: Coexisting-with-coyotes workshops
May 2012: Taste of Spring fundraiser

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