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Foxes Need New Habitat at SFWC

Growing fox kits to require more space soon -- adult foxes live in reconfigured aviary

  • This fox kit weighed just one-third of a pound when he arrived at our center. SFWC

  • Although small, he is thriving in our care. SFWC

  • When orphans are this small, they require hand-feeding by staff and volunteers. SFWC

On April 7, 2013, an orphaned fox kit arrived at South Florida Wildlife Center weighing just one-third of a pound. He is now thriving, and joins other fox kits and two adult foxes who are currently in our care.

Unfortunately, we do not have a habitat specifically for fox rehabilitation. A reconfigured aviary currently houses one adult fox at a time, but it will soon be needed for the rehabilitation of our songbird patients.

With our fox kits and adult foxes needing appropriate space for proper rehabilitation, it is apparent that we need a more suitable, permanent habitat for foxes.

Help us build a habitat specifically for fox rehabilitation by making a gift to South Florida Wildlife Center today»

The National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association recommends cages that are at least 6 feet by 8 feet to house an adult fox. Our goal is to build a habitat that is larger than this minimum suggested size and that will contain room and opportunities for foraging, climbing, and exercise. These new enclosures will allow us to simulate more closely a fox's true wild habitat, therefore better facilitating his rehabilitation and eventual release.

South Florida is home to a broad range of species, any one of which could require our help. Therefore, we hope to construct four enclosures that could house foxes and other large animals (including bobcats) that may be admitted to our facility. We want to be ready to provide the best possible care for any animal in need.

Our fundraising goal for this project is $25,000. A generous donor has offered $5,000 if we meet the challenge of raising the first $20,000. By making a donation towards the construction of a new fox habitat you ensure our ability to continue to provide critical care for foxes and other animals.

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