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Fish Feeding

Get them the right food at the right time

The Humane Society of the United States

fish goldfish


While fish don't require complex diets like some small animals, it's important to feed your fish the right foods at the right times to maintain his health. Here are some quick tips on feeding your fish.

What's for dinner?

Fish are all different and require different foods to maintain health. Do some research or ask an expert at a pet supply store what diet is best for the type of fish you have. Fish food often comes in the form of pellets or flakes, but items like fresh bloodworms and brine shrimp can also be a part of a balanced diet for your fish. Check a pet supply store for food specific to different types of fish.

Some fish like leafy green snacks, like lettuce and spinach. You can even let algae grow in a corner in the tank—fish love to munch on it!

How Much

It's a good idea to feed your fish only the amount of food he will eat in about a minute or two. Add a food to the water by the pinch-full once a day. Remove excess food every day to avoid polluting the water.

On vacation

If you plan to be away from home for a few days, an automatic feeder will be your fish's best friend. You can find these at pet supply stores, and they dispense food at designated intervals. This ensures that your fish is fed, no food is wasted, and the water will stay cleaner.

Slow-release food tablets are also an option, but they often release too much food, which isn't good for your fish or the water.

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