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Equine Rescue and Emergency Response

Bringing horses to safety in the face of abuse, neglect and disasters

Two rescued horses


The HSUS Animal Rescue teams are ready at a moment's notice to rescue horses from poor living conditions or bring them to safety in the face of a disaster.

Following a rescue, we ensure that the horses are checked by a team of veterinarians and given any necessary, immediate medical care. Once they are strong enough to be transported, we place them with local rescues where they can be adopted out to responsible homes, or we place them in permanent sanctuary.


The following are some of our most recent equine rescues:

Fairview, Wyo.

In June 2011, The HSUS, Front Range Equine Rescue and Denkai Animal Sanctuary assisted the Wyoming Livestock Board with the care and placement of nearly 100 horses seized from a Lincoln County property. More»

Queen Anne's County, Md.

In May 2011, The HSUS and ASPCA—along with Days End Farm Horse Rescue, Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, and Summer Winds Stables—assisted Queen Anne’s County Animal Control in removing 133 neglected and malnourished horses from a private farm. More»

Lindale, Texas

In Dec. 2010, The HSUS, SPCA of East Texas and Humane Society of North Texas worked with the Smith County District Attorney’s Office to rescue 43 horses from a Lindale property. Many of the horses on site were severely emaciated and showed signs of neglect. More»

Prichard, W. Va.

In May 2010, The HSUS worked with the Cabell-Wayne Animal Shelter to rescue 49 horses, mules and donkeys from a Wayne County property. The animals were seized due to poor health and signs of neglect in one of the largest equine rescues in the state. More»

Bradyville, Tenn.

In late Nov. 2009, The HSUS and the Cannon County Sheriff's Department joined forces to rescue 84 horses from a property in Tennessee. The horses were seized by the Sheriff's Department due to signs of neglect and poor health, and were later surrendered by their owner. More»

Baltimore, Md.

In early Nov. 2009, 19 horses were removed from unsanitary conditions at a Baltimore, Md. stable thanks to the Baltimore Health Department, The HSUS and Days End Farm Horse Rescue. The horses were being used as cart horses for vendors known as "arabbers," who traditionally sell produce along the streets of Baltimore. More»

Alliance, Neb.

In April 2009, 222 horses were rescued from a ranch in Nebraska, in one of the largest equine rescue operations in the state's history. Of the horses rescued, nearly 100 were adopted or reclaimed by previous owners, 38 were transported to Wyoming for further care and eventual adoption, and the remaining 84 were taken to Black Beauty Ranch for special care and handling. More»

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