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Responsible Horse Ownership

How to adopt or buy, feed, protect, and relinquish a horse

From The HSUS Complete Guide to Horse Care

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Nothing compares to the kinship experienced in an equine-human relationship. So, it's no wonder that many equestrians yearn for a horse to call their own, a familiar face peering over the stall door—ears pricked and muzzle outstretched for a treat—day after day.

But buying or adopting a horse isn't an endeavor to take lightly. Before making the decision, you should understand all of the pitfalls of the journey you're embarking on, and be honest with yourself regarding your abilities, your financial situation, your level of interest, and your time constraints.

Become a responsible, educated horse owner with the help of these resources:

More tips and information can be found in our book The Humane Society of the United States' Complete Guide to Horse Care.

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