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The HSUS Pet of the Week Enewsletter

Get the latest pet news and tips every week!

Where's the best place to get latest pet-related news, stories, and health and behavior advice from The Humane Society of The United States' in-house pet experts? How about quizzes, recipes, DIY projects, fun ideas and activities, heartwarming pet stories, and more? Your inbox, of course!

Every Sunday, all those are delivered free to the subscribers to The HSUS's Pet of the Week enewsletter.

And subscribers find one more thing: a different featured pet chosen for his or her good looks, sass, sweetness, or all-around sense of style. Each new face is cared for by a fellow supporter of The HSUS. And you can submit your own furry or feathered friend's photo and story to be considered for the Pet of the Week, too.

If you aren't already receiving this premium newsletter for pet lovers, sign up to receive our Pet of the Week enewsletter today. If you'd like to see your pet become a Pet of the Week, read on.

Frequently asked questions about nominating a pet for Pet of the Week

How do I submit my pet to be considered for Pet of the Week?

Provide information about yourself and your pet along with a great photo of your pet using our submission form »

Click here to see a previous edition of Pet of the Week »

How do I upload my pet's photo?

Once you've filled in your information and information on your pet on our submission form, go to the bottom of the form and click "Browse" to upload your pet's photograph.

This will allow you to search your computer for the photo you'd like to upload. We recommend saving the photo you'd like to use to your desktop or a folder where you can easily find it. The photo will be uploaded when you click "submit" at the end of the form.

What is The HSUS looking for when it chooses a Pet of the Week?

We're looking for high quality, both in the photographs of your pet and answers on the submission form.

Will you inform me if my pet has been chosen as Pet of the Week?

We're sorry, but because of the large number of submissions we receive, we cannot contact you directly if we choose your pet to be Pet of the Week. Nor can we respond to emailed requests regarding Pet of the Week submissions. We will only contact you if it is necessary to obtain more information about a submission. Please subscribe to the Pet of the Week enewsletter to see if your pet has been chosen.

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May I mail or email my Pet of the Week photo to The HSUS?

We can only accept Pet of the Week photo submissions that are uploaded on our submissions webpage. Unfortunately, we cannot accept mailed or emailed submissions.

What pet species are eligible?

Any type of pet listed in the form's drop-down menu is eligible to become a Pet of the Week. These are the following: bird (canary, cockatiel, lovebird, parakeet, society finch, or zebra finch), cat, dog, ferret, fish (in a freshwater aquarium), gerbil, guinea pig, hamster, horse, mouse, rabbit, and rat.

Out of concern for wild animals who are either captured from their natural habitats or bred in captivity, we have excluded wild species from eligibility. Certain other types of animals, such as those commonly kept as farm animals, are also ineligible and will not be chosen. We cannot use any images that include an ineligible animal.

Are there other rules about Pet of the Week submissions?

  • Submitted images and written descriptions must be the original creations of the entrant and not contain any material that is defamatory, invasive of privacy, or otherwise infringes on the right of any other person or entity.
  • Written descriptions must be in English.
  • The HSUS reserves the right to reject any submission if it does not meet the eligibility requirements described in these rules or for any other reason at our sole discretion.
  • If your entry is rejected, it will not be considered for a future edition of Pet of the Week, and you will not be notified.
  • Any image or written description that includes content that is deemed inappropriate, indecent or obscene, as determined by the staff of The HSUS in their sole discretion, will not be eligible to be a Pet of the Week.

Will my email address be shared or sold?

Email addresses entered by participants will be used only for communications related to the Pet of the Week enewsletter. Participants can opt-in separately to receive pet tips, action alerts and special offers via email from The HSUS. If they choose to do so, they will be able to quickly and easily "opt out" of future such communications by following the instructions on any electronic communication we send. The HSUS and its affiliates do not sell, rent, trade or share their email addresses with any third parties.

How will The HSUS use my photo and other submitted content?

Please see our Standard Terms for Submissions of Content page for answers to this question.

What if I have more questions?

If you have read our frequently asked questions and still have questions or are experiencing technical difficulties entering your pet's photo or information, please contact us at petoftheweek@humanesociety.org. When contacting us, please be specific about the technical problems you are having and include the following: the name and email address you used when entering the information, your pet's name, and the type of pet.

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