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Pets Are Welcome™

What is Pets Are Welcome™ housing?

Photo by David Welker/AP Images for The HSUS

Did you know that 72% of renters have pets, yet problems finding and keeping rental housing is a leading reason dogs and cats wind up in shelters? We’re working to change that!

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Pets are a part of every community and live in two-thirds of American homes, yet renters often have trouble finding housing that welcomes them. In fact, problems finding and keeping rental housing lead to the surrender of half a million pets to shelters each year, many of whom aren’t lucky enough to find new homes. This is despite rental housing industry claims that up to 78% of apartment buildings accept pets. Why the paradox? Because "pet-friendly" rental housing usually includes weight limits (e.g., no dogs over 25 lbs.) and breed restrictions, effectively excluding most of the nation’s pets. That’s not "pet-friendly" at all.

It doesn't have to be this way!

The HSUS is committed to making "Pets Are Welcome" (PAW) the new standard in rental housing.

What is Pets Are Welcome?

It’s housing that welcomes all cats and dogs, regardless of breed or size. This simple change will save hundreds of thousands of lives, and ensure that no family ever has to choose between their pet and their home.

Even better news? Pets Are Welcome policies are good for landlords, too! When landlords accept all cats and dogs, their number of qualified rental applicants dramatically increases, giving them more options for finding great tenants. And those great tenants stay longer, keeping their turnover costs low. That means fewer vacancies and lower administrative costs. And those advantages come with no downside: breed and weight restrictions are based purely on myths and they don't improve resident safety or increase property values. The bottom line for landlords: Pets Are Welcome policies make good business sense!

The HSUS wants to make sure animals stay in their happy homes, and we are committed to removing unnecessary housing barriers that put pets at risk. Pets Are Welcome is designed to create humane housing communities that promote sound, smart, fiscally responsible and humane policies—policies that keep families together while also protecting the interests of property owners.

Pets Are Welcome – good for pets, good for business!

Pets Are Welcome is a service mark of The Humane Society of the United States

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