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Aversive Conditioning Products

Many commercial products teach wild animals not to come back, helping you humanely resolve conflicts

Adapted from the book Wild Neighbors

This page lists different types of aversive conditioning products and vendors. Specific vendors who sell less commonly available specialized products are included to assist you in locating these items. 

If you can't find what you need through these suggestions and sources, search the Internet using the categories or terms used below.

No endorsement of specific brands, any product line, or any individual product by The Humane Society of the United States is implied or intended by inclusion here.

Acoustical alarms

Shop carefully to find these effective alarms and not the similar-looking but useless ultrasonic products. Search the Web for the brand name Critter Gitter, and check home improvement and pet retailers.

Bird distress calls

These devices playback recorded distress calls. Each species calls works only for that species. Some species respond better than others.

Electric shock

Fences and other devices deliver a high-voltage but low-amperage jolt that does no physical harm. But it’s unpleasant and animals remember to stay away.

Electric Fencing. Electrifying high tensile fences keeps large animals out, especially deer but also bear and predators. Widely available from farm suppliers including these.

Electric Fencing Kits for Home Gardens and Ponds. Nurseries and garden suppliers sell kits for small to medium-sized home gardens. Look for kits for home ponds at suppliers of home pond products. Or check these vendors.

Electric Shock Deer Posts. A set of posts that eliminates the fence wires. Sold by nurseries and garden suppliers, including these.

Electric Shock Track or Wires for Birds. These electrified tracks are professionally installed similar to non-electrified bird wires.

Scare balloons and scare tape

These standbys for deterring unwelcome wild animals are widely available from home, hardware, and garden retailers, and from these vendors of bird-related products.


Many home, hardware, and garden retailers as well as these vendors sell motion-activated sprinklers.

Lights and lasers

Strobe Lights: Some acoustical alarms (above) incorporate strobes. Many home gadget retailers sell inexpensive strobe lights. These vendors sell units specifically for roosting birds or for squirrels in attics.

Lasers: Use only lasers made and sold specifically for bird harassment to scare geese and crows from night roosting areas.

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