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Seven Ways You Can Help Wildlife in the New Year

Resolve to make the year brighter for your wild neighbors and yourself

  • raccoon in roof space

    Provide plants that feed your wild neighbors, then sit back and enjoy the show. John Harrison

  • raccoon in roof space

    Wildlife-proofing your home will keep out squatters like this raccoon, and that will make life easier for everyone. John Griffin/The HSUS

  • outdoor cat

    Your beloved feline and your local wildlife will be safer when you keep your cat inside. iStockphoto

Happy New Year! Our ready-made list will help your wild neighbors and leave you feeling good.

Add just a few of our suggestions to your list of New Year's resolutions, and you'll help create a more humane world for wildlife and people.

1. Keep your cat indoors

Nobody is safe when you let your cat outdoors. Outdoor cats are at risk of contracting diseases, getting injured or injuring another animal, and being hit by cars. Do your cat and your wild neighbors a favor by making your favorite feline an indoor cat.

2. Provide water for wildlife in the winter

While animals will eat ice and snow when they can find it, they're better off with a reliable source of water.

3. Wildlife-proof your home

Avoid the stress (for both of you) of having to evict wild neighbors from your house or business by taking the necessary steps to keep them from getting inside in the first place.

4. Solve your conflicts with wildlife peacefully

When you’re having a problem with a wild animal, try one of our humane tips. If you need outside help, choose a company that will resolve the problem without harming animals or the environment. 

5. Garden for your wild neighbors

Grow plants, shrubs or trees in your yard, balcony or other space that will supply food and shelter for your wild neighbors.

6. Give them shelter

Brush piles, dead trees and even old Christmas trees provide wildlife with a home or a place to hide from predators.

7. Take the pledge

Make your green space a Humane Backyard, and enjoy celebrating your wild neighbors all year long. 

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