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Pets Are Welcome: Property Manager Guide

Good for Pets, Good for Business

  • If you're not welcoming pets, you're missing out on great residents. istockphoto

Your property may already be “pet-friendly,” and you might even offer residents amenities like a dog park, washing stations, or concierge walking services. But if your policies include breed and/or size restrictions, you’re not only contributing to half a million pets winding up in animal shelters each year, you’re actually hurting your financial bottom line. Why? Because arbitrary breed and size restrictions don’t keep your property safe, reduce liability, or protect units from damage; there’s simply no such thing as a “dangerous” or “aggressive” dog, no proof that restricted breed lists reduce liability, and no proof that large breed dogs cause any more damage than smaller breed dogs.

What do those arbitrary and restrictive policies do? They exclude millions of qualified residents before they even set foot in your rental office. These are renters who statistically are likely to earn more money than non-dog owners, and who will stay in their units over twice as long.

Companies like MAA, with 82,000 Pets Are Welcome units across 15 states, MC Residential, with 34 properties across the southwest, and Levitan Investment and Property Services, routinely voted “Best Apartment Community” in Flagstaff, Arizona, are maximizing their profitability by embracing Pets Are Welcome policies, welcoming all cats and dogs, regardless of breed or size. They know that PAW policies lead to more qualified applicants than they would otherwise receive, high occupancy rates, significantly longer residency rates, fewer administrative costs associated with turnover, increased revenue, and very happy residents, all without any increase in risk.

Isn't it time you follow their lead?

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