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November 13, 2012

Resources for Rental Managers Considering Allowing Pets

See how a pets-allowed policy can be profitable for your rental property

dog and man hugging


Landlords or housing managers can play an important role in preserving the bond between responsible pet owners and their companion animals by instituting a pets-allowed policy. Read our advice below on how to address some of the concerns you may have about welcoming pets into your community, and take advantage of the opportunity to increase your market share. You will reap the financial rewards.




13 Steps to Developing an Effective Pets Policy »

The Top Eight Concerns of Rental Managers and How to Address Them »

Why a Pets-Allowed Policy Makes Cents »

A Checklist for Rental Managers: How to Identify Responsible Pet Owners »

Recommended Pet Policies for Condominiums and Apartment Buildings »

Sample Pet Addendum to a Rental Agreement »

Sample Pet Application Form »

Spreading the Word about Your Animal-Friendly Policy »

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