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So many people seem to be afraid of snakes that some experts speculate this is a predisposition inherited from our distant primate ancestors. But snakes are not out to get us, and will avoid people as much as they possibly can. These incredible creatures fare best when left alone in their natural environment, not as pets.

As beautiful as some snakes are, they do not make good pets. A girl was killed by a python kept as a pet in 2009. People get snakes when they’re small and may let them loose as they grow. Burmese pythons have invaded the Everglades and could spread—and other species may follow.


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Snakes on Planes, in Garages, and Everywhere Else

The HSUS has logged hundreds of incidents—attacks, escapes, or intentional releases of pythons, boa constrictors, or anacondas—reported in nearly every state. They’ve turned up in apartment buildings, gardens, vehicles, and high school football fields.

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