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What to Do About Squirrels

Adapted from the book Wild Neighbors

Tree squirrels are cute, fuzzy, and fun to watch, but humans have something of a love/hate relationship with them. We love their crazy antics—but we hate when they're raiding our birdfeeders.

If you've got squirrels driving you nutty, remember that they're only doing what's natural: looking for a meal and a safe place to sleep at night. Whether you need to evict them from your attic or stop them from stealing your bird food, be patient and look for a way that won't harm the critters or their young. Here's what to do about:

» Squirrels and Bird Feeders
» Squirrel Damage in Your Yard and Garden
» Squirrels Nesting in the Attic
» Squirrels Nesting in the Chimney
» A Squirrel Loose In the House

Humane Wildlife Services in action

Watch how our Humane Wildlife Services team encouraged one mama squirrel to relocate her brood from a homeowner's attic into a nearby tree.

Are you a squirrel watcher?

Just because you don't want squirrels living in your attic doesn't mean you can't enjoy them outside. They're fascinating to watch, photograph, and study, and unlike most wildlife, they aren’t shy!


» Purchase a copy of Wild Neighbors; the go-to guide for useful, humane solutions to conflicts with wildlife. 
» If you live within the D.C. Metro Area, take advantage of our wildlife conflict resolution service.
» Kim Long, Squirrels: A Wildlife Handbook (Johnson Books, 1995)
» Michael Steele and John Koprowski, North American Tree Squirrels (Smithsonian Institution Press, 2003)

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