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HSUS & ICE BlackBox

Help stop animal abuse with the ICE BlackBox app

If this is an animal emergency and an animal’s life is in danger – call 911 right away!

Download ICE Blackbox for iOS »
Download ICE Blackbox for Android »

If you see an animal being abused, or know of an animal who is living without adequate food, shelter or medical care, take video of the situation using this app.

Use Best Practices! Do not put yourself in danger or break the law. If you can safely, record the address and as much of the animals’ surroundings.

Send the video through the app’s secure server by selecting “Share” and “Report Animal Abuse” under the Incidents tab.

Understand that:

  • Use of ICE BlackBox means you have accepted the terms of its End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy, available on the Settings screen.
  • Your video will be shared with the National Sheriff's Association to be evaluated and, if actionable, sent to the appropriate law enforcement.
  • Law enforcement who receive your video will not have your name, but they will have access to your phone number and may contact you.
  • Not all situations where animals are denied proper care or shelter is a crime.
  • Where there is evidence of illegal animal cruelty, we will do whatever we can to help the animal and prosecute the abuser.

Donate to The Humane Society of the United States »
Learn more about The Humane Society of the United States work to stop animal cruelty »

Learn more about ICE BlackBox »
Learn more about the National Sheriffs' Association National Neighborhood Watch »

Thank you for doing your part to stop animal abuse!

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