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Talking Points

If you speak to the chef, owners or managers of a restaurant or grocery store, you can use these talking points to help urge them to join the Canadian seafood boycott. Then, fill out our recommendation form to let us know!

- Hundreds of thousands of baby seals (most under 3 months of age) are clubbed and shot to death in Canada for their fur. It is the largest slaughter of marine mammals in the world.

- Make sure to mention that sealers are commercial fishermen who earn only a small fraction of their annual incomes from killing seals—the remainder is from commercial fisheries such as crab, shrimp and lobster. The boycott focuses on seafood because the seal hunt is undertaken by fishermen.

- Over 5,500 restaurants and grocery stores (in addition to over 750,000 individuals) have joined the Protect Seals boycott of Canadian seafood and are making clear that they think participation in the Canadian annual commercial seal hunt is an unacceptable business practice undertaken by Canada’s fishing industry.

- Restaurants and grocery stores participating in the Protect Seals campaign are doing one of the following - pledging to avoid Canadian snow crab, pledging to avoid seafood from Canada’s sealing provinces, or boycotting ALL seafood from all of Canada until the hunt ends for good. Be sure to let the people you speak with know that The HSUS welcomes all three of these options.

- Please thank anyone you speak with from restaurants and grocery stores for their willingness to listen, learn, and consider joining and ask them to print and sign the pledge at www.humanesociety.org/chefsforseals.

- Please send the contact details of the restaurant and grocery store representatives to us at The HSUS so we can follow up with them by filling out our recommendation form!

Thank you!