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Cash: The Simplest Way to Give

When emergencies of any sort strike—whether pending legislation, a cruelty case or disasters like Hurricane Katrina—the need for cash donations is clear and urgent. We often must move as quickly as possible to help animals.

Our generous donors like you make this work possible and we thank you.

But cash gifts are just as important to The HSUS in calmer times as well—and are the easiest way to support our work. You simply write a check or authorize a credit card charge and instantly receive the satisfaction of knowing that The HSUS is putting your gift to work immediately on behalf of animals.

Cash equivalents, such as certificates of deposit, saving bonds, and money market funds, are also excellent charitable gifts. Although there are some restrictions and annual limitations in the tax code, you can generally take a charitable deduction on your income tax return for the cash amount or fair market value of your gift.

Your gift can be directed to any of our campaigns, or you can allow us to decide where the need is greatest. If you'd like to discuss making a gift, please contact us at gifts@hsus.org or 1-800-808-7858.

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