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The Sparrow Fund is there for animals who have no one, a lifeline for homeless pets and wildlife desperately in need of emergency care. The Sparrow Fund quickly provides grant money— often in less than 24 hours—to shelters, rescue organizations and veterinarians, when there’s an injured or ill animal with no home, no owner and no safety net.

The Sparrow Fund was inspired by a passage in the Bible, Matthew 10:29, that tells us that not a sparrow falls without his Maker knowing. The fund is devoted to that ideal—that every animal’s life matters.

With your help, animals who would otherwise be left to suffer and perish are finding healing, forever homes and being released back into the wild. Here are some of the miracles that the Sparrow Fund has helped realize in animals’ lives.

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A stray found on the edge of starvation...

Photos: Tired Dog Rescue

This stray dog, now called Pearl, was found near a highway in Mississippi severely emaciated and weak (left). With the help of a $1,000 Sparrow Found grant, Pearl was able to get food and medical treatment, and is now on the road to recovery (right).

A puppy found with her mouth tied shut...

Photo: Animal Shelter of Texas County

Diamond was found with an elastic hair tie around her snout and a resulting wound infected with maggots. Though she needed immediate and drastic medical care -- requiring partial removal of her jaw and tongue -- a $1,000 contribution from The Sparrow Fund ensured Diamond could get the care she so desperately needed.

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A baby bald eagle was struggling to survive ...

Photo: Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia

In May, wildlife rescuers found a thirsty and hungry baby eagle struggling to survive in a steep, wooded area of West Virginia. With a $1,000 Sparrow Fund contribution, the Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia took in the national bird. Forty-eight hours with an IV catheter, fluid therapy and food were enough to put the 3-week-old eagle on the path to recovery—once he’s healthy enough to fly and fend for himself, he’ll be released near Cheat Lake, West Virginia.

A senseless act of cruelty left Wilford in critical condition ...

Photos: 4 Luv of Dog Rescue

Wilford was in critical condition when 4 Luv of Dog Rescue in Fargo, North Dakota, took him on in March. He’d been stabbed multiple times with a 6- to 8-inch-long object, and rescuers weren’t sure he’d survive. But with the help of a $1,000 Sparrow Fund grant, they gave Wilford their best shot—putting him under 24-hour veterinary care—and his wounds started to heal. Wilford is now recovering in a loving foster home (right).

Despite severe frostbite, Mindy had a will to live ...

Photos: Halfway Home Pet Rescue

In the midst of one of the bitterest winters on record, Halfway Home Pet Rescue in Caribou, at the northern tip of Maine, took in Mindy. Mindy was suffering from severe frostbite (left)—her ear tips were falling off, part of her tail had turned necrotic, her nose was raw and painful and her paws were damaged. But Mindy had a will to live, and with the help of a Sparrow Fund grant, Halfway Home Pet Rescue provided her with surgery and the support to recover. She’s now recuperating in a foster home, where she’s starting to show her playful side (right).

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Applying for the Sparrow Fund

You can apply for a Sparrow Fund Grant here. We encourage rescues and shelters in search of additional funding for cases to check out our website, animalsheltering.org, for tips on crowdfunding, other fundraising approaches, and other important topics.

You may also find other grants applicable to your case at:

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