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Don't Buy into Puppy Mills

Don't get duped: Online and in pet stores, 99 percent of puppies come from puppy mills

Stop Puppy Mills

Puppies aren't products like a head of lettuce or a cup of coffee. Use hashtag #stoppuppymills to show your support on social media.

That doggie in the window (or online … or in the pet store … or at the flea market) has soft little paws and puppy dog eyes. But do you know where he came from?

Online and in stores, 99 percent of puppies come from puppy mills, no matter what the breeder or store says. Mother dogs remain locked in cages their whole lives and have half the life expectancy of the average dog. Twenty percent of their puppies don’t even make it to stores. They die in terrible conditions. And the ones who do get sold often have undisclosed health issues.

The HSUS is getting the facts out to unknowing consumers at dontbuyintopuppymills.com, the educational component of our parody site, samedaypups.com. Sponsored by Maddie’s Fund, a family foundation revolutionizing the well-being of companion animals, the campaign is revealing the sad truth about the source of 2 million puppies a year.

If you love dogs, you’ll want to help us end the horrific “business” of puppy mills by choosing a pet from a shelter or rescue, or from a responsible breeder.

Share the campaign via the sites below to let friends know: There’s a better way to bring your best friend home.

Same Day Pups

Don't Buy into Puppy Mills

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