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Congressional Pet Photo Contest People's Choice

Members of the 112th United States Congress and congressional staff entered more than 200 photos of their favorite furry friends in our Congressional Pet Photo Contest. Seven finalists were selected from among all the entries for the People's Choice competition, and more than 1,500 animal lovers voted for one to receive the coveted People's Choice award. 


  • Liberty, People's Choice WinnerOwner: Representative James Lankford.

People's Choice Winner




Owner: Representative James Lankford (Oklahoma, 5th District)

Why My Pet Should Win by a Landslide: Liberty (Liberty Belle) is a labradoodle and joined our family in April. She brings joy and fun to our family and helps our 2 young girls through the times when their Daddy is in D.C. She is lovable, curious and full of energy -- a great addition to our home!!
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Take a look at all the People's Choice finalists below!




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  • Bear • Owner: Kristan Trugman (Staffer for Senate Administrative Office)
    Why My Pet Should Win by a Landslide: Because he is the best horse in the world who has brought great joy to me and he just survived major surgery and is now back out in the field. Yay!
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  • Blue • Owner: Mary O'Connor (Staffer for Rep. Joseph R. Pitts, Pennsylvania, 16th District)
    Why My Pet Should Win by a Landslide: Blue should win because she is a true American! She is a mutt -- embracing the melting pot/tossed salad that is the US of A.
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  • Chloe •  Owner: Mary Frances Repko (Staffer for Rep. Steny H. Hoyer, Maryland, 5th District)
    Why My Pet Should Win by a Landslide: Chloe is a lovable 10-year old lab and sharpei mix rescued by the Golden Valley Humane Society (in Golden Valley, MN) and is in everyway a testament to the endless compassion and companionship dogs bring to our lives, even after being survivors of abuse at the hands of earlier owners who should have been her caregivers.
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  • Gibbs • Owner: Erin Moffet (Staffer for Rep. Alcee L. Hastings, Florida, 23rd District
    Why My Pet Should Win by a Landslide: Gibbs (named for Leroy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS) has the most amazing personality on top of being the cutest little lady. She is all white except her tail and one ear which are grey. She chirps instead of meows and must think she's a parrot at times because she loves to sit on your shoulders (she'll even sleep there).
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  • Bilenky •  Owner: Fern (Staffer for Sen. Tom Udall, New Mexico)
    Why My Pet Should Win by a Landslide: Obviously, Bilenky knows how to relax after a hard week on the Hill.
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  • Trotsky •  Owner: Laurel Schmuck (Staffer for Rep. Andy Harris, Maryland, 1st District)
    Why My Pet Should Win by a Landslide: The Hill is looking younger and younger. This up-and-coming GOP consultant is practically still a kitten.
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