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Enter The "Why Puppy Mills Stink" Video Contest


Tell the world why puppy mills stink, and you could win our contest. Make a short video that educates people about puppy mills and and your video could be broadcast on television stations in your state and beyond!



bulldog puppy

Step 1: Get the details

  • Keep it under ninety seconds.

  • Be funny, smart, sad. Rap, dance, feature your dog(s). We don't care how you get the message across—just be original.

  • It's about the animals. Your video can mention recent news on puppy mills or dog care in general.

  • Keep it clean. No violence, profanity, or direct attacks on individuals or specific businesses. Absolutely no images of violence, cruelty to animals, or puppy mills that are not authorized by The HSUS. We have footage you may download from YouSendIt.com for use in your video.

  • Your video must be original, must not have been published, broadcast, or otherwise publicly distributed previously, and must not infringe on any third-party rights.

  • What could you win? Fame, glory, bragging rights, exposure, and much more. As mentioned above, the winning video could be broadcast on television stations in the winner's state and elsewhere.

  • Please take the time to review our contest rules.


Step 2: Make a video

It's so easy nowadays to create a video. You can use a digital camcorder, a webcam, even your cell phone. We have some video of puppy mills, downloadable from YouSendIt.com, to get you started.


Step 3: Upload your video as a video response on YouTube by May 6, 2012

Bookmark this page, so that when your video is ready you can enter the contest. After you've made your video, upload it as a video response to our video, Puppy Mills Stink, and clicking on "upload your video."


Step 4: Fill out the form below to make your entry official

Use the form below to tell us which video is yours by filling out your information and the URL to your video. If at any time you need help, email us at facebook@humanesociety.org.


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