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Tales of the Natural Tail Photo Contest Frequently Asked Questions

Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association

Look here for answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Tales of the Natural Tail Photo Contest. If you still have a question after reading this FAQ page, please email dogtails@hsvma.org.

What makes a photo eligible for entry?
Any photo you have taken that depicts a dog in your care (your pet or a foster dog) with a natural tail is eligible. The Tales of the Natural Tail Dog Photo Contest is about celebrating the beauty and communicative value of dogs' natural tails, so photos of dogs with docked tails will not be considered.

Can I enter more than one photo?
Yes. You may enter as many photos as you like, but they must feature different dogs and each dog must be in your care.

Can I enter a photo showing multiple dogs?
Yes, you can enter a photo with multiple dogs, but only one dog in the photo can be nominated. You must identify which dog you are selecting as the featured dog in your caption.

Can I enter a mixed-breed dog?
Absolutely! Any photo of a dog with an undocked tail who is/was in your care is eligible for the contest.

Can I enter more than one photo?
Yes. You may enter as many photos as you like, but they must feature different dogs and each dog must be in your care.

Why aren't other species eligible for this award?
Part of our mission at HSVMA is to celebrate and advocate for all animals. We have chosen to focus solely on dogs for this photo contest because we want to educate the public on cosmetic surgeries. This contest is focusing on tail docking of dogs.

Will you be doing a photo contest for cats or other species?
We would like to continue to do annual photo contests (last year our photo contest focused on dogs with natural, not cropped ears), so it's very possible a future contest will focus on cats and/or other species.

Can I nominate a dog through the mail or by emailing you a story?
We're very sorry, but the only way to enter the contest is through the online form.

Do I have to submit a caption?
Captions are strongly recommended in order to help describe the special qualities of your dog's tail. Maximum word limit is 50 words.

When does the contest end?
You may enter the contest until midnight ET, July 31, 2010.

Can I enter even though I do not live in the United States?
Unfortunately, no. Only U.S. residents can enter the contest at this time.

Can I delete my entry?
Once nominations are submitted, they cannot be deleted online. However, in the event that the nomination may result in a safety concern, deletion may be considered. Email your name, the name of the dog in the photo, and your circumstances to dogtails@hsvma.org.

Can I submit a photo of a dog posthumously (after the dog has died)?
Yes, you can submit a photo of a dog who has died. Please indicate the year of the dog's death in the caption.

What do I win if the dog I entered wins?
Winners will receive gift certificates—$100 for the First Prize Winner, $50 for the Second Prize Winner, and $25 for the Third Prize Winner—to The Humane Society of the United States's Humane Domain, which carries a variety of dog toys, leashes, bed, apparel and other companion animal items. Winning photos will be published on the The HSUS and HSVMA websites.

I am having technical problems entering the contest or have a question that is not answered here or in the contest rules. Can someone help me?
If you still have questions or are experiencing technical difficulties entering the contest, please contact us at dogtails@hsvma.org.

When contacting us, please be specific about the technical problems you are having, and include the name and email address you used when entering the contest and the name of the dog in the photo you entered.

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