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Voting has closed on the Pepsi Refresh Project—and thanks to you we retained the #1 ranking for the $250,000 prize. We are awaiting official confirmation from Pepsi. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves, so we'll let you know the final verdict as soon as we find out!

Once we've determined if we have our new funding, we'll get to work rescuing more dogs, cats, and horses from neglectful and abusive situations in underserved communities. Thank you again for your help on this project—we could never have come this far without you.

Visit The HSUS issues page to learn more about the steps we're taking to end animal cruelty and other challenges. As always, thank you for all you do for animals.

How our project will help animals

Every day, dogs, cats and horses suffer from life-threatening neglect. They are left to endure extreme deprivation, without care from the people they depend on the most—often struggling against death every day.

Worse yet, many rural and underserved communities have no effective animal control, and are cutting budgets for cruelty enforcement.

Animals are then left to suffer without anyone to come to their aid.

If your votes put us over the top, we'll have $250,000 to rescue animals from abuse, neglect, and animal fighting.

The Humane Society of the United States has done more to rescue animals from harm than any other animal protection organization in the country. Indeed, every year The HSUS removes thousands of animals from situations where they knew only pain, deprivation, and fear.

The HSUS has a fully equipped response team to rescue animals in desperate need. We've got our fingers crossed that, thanks to you, we can help thousands of animals who would otherwise be forgotten.

How will we use the $250,000?

Veterinary and medical expenses: $90,000
Equipment purchases and fleet maintenance: $55,000
Shelter and supplies for rescued animals: $50,000
Rescuer travel expenses: $35,000
Animal food, care, and supplies: $20,000

Budget note: This grant will directly fund the rescue and care of animals in need and will not be used for internal costs (i.e., staff salaries).

An example of our work is a recent operation where we helped rescue almost a hundred dogs in rural Montana, right on the heels of coming to the aid of an overrun shelter in the same state where 90 animals desperately needed our help.

With your help, The HSUS will be able to rescue more than 2,000 dogs and cats from their cruel situations so that they can be placed in their forever, loving homes. Thank you all so much for your support!

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