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Protect Sharks Business Pledge

Shark killing tournaments are insensitive, environmentally irresponsible contests that make a spectator sport out of injuring and killing sharks. The pain and suffering experienced by individual sharks, plus the strain on already imperiled global shark populations, is much too high a price to pay for this barbaric thrill.


The Humane Society of the United States is proud to partner with Fishpond, Inc.




Why should companies speak out against shark tournaments?

  • The populations of most shark species are plummeting, which makes them particularly vulnerable to competitions that target the largest sharks.
  • Shark tournaments are inherently cruel: Sharks are hauled onto docks, strung up and weighed, and then dismembered in grotesque displays for cash prizes.
  • Regardless of organizers' claims, these gruesome kill events are about sport, not science. And they demonize sharks and disrespect the environment.

As a humane company, I pledge to support shark conservation, not shark killing tournaments and I agree that my company name may be used by Fishpond Inc. and the ProtectSharks campaign in outreach, letters, and press releases pertaining to ending these tournaments.


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The Shark-Free Marina Initiative aims to reduce worldwide shark mortality by prohibiting the landing of any shark at participating marinas. Visit www.sharkfreemarinas.com to learn more.