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Puppy Friendly Pet Store Pledge


Thank you for becoming a Puppy Friendly Pet Store, a program of The Humane Society of the United States. Please fill out and submit the form below.

You will receive a free welcome package with an eye-catching sign announcing your pledge to post prominently in your store and free materials to help your customers find local puppies from humane sources.
To qualify for the program, you must certify that your store is one or more of the following:
Pet supplies only. Our store sells pet supplies only (including dog supplies). We do not sell any live animals, including reptiles, birds or fish. Our store pledges not to begin the practice of selling puppies.
Small pets, but no puppies. Our store sells supplies (including dog supplies) and some pets, but we do not sell puppies. Our store pledges not to begin the practice of selling puppies.
Our store currently carries puppies for sale and pledges to discontinue the sale of puppies within 90 days of signing this pledge. We agree that The HSUS will promote our humane decision to our local media markets and on The HSUS website and other materials. We certify that any puppies remaining for sale in our store beyond 90 days of signing this pledge will be only those puppies who were purchased by the store before the signing.
Our store hosts or conducts pet adoptions in-store to benefit the community. Your store does not sell puppies or has pledged above to discontinue the sale of puppies and will begin hosting or promoting adoptions (must choose one item above). In your store, you sometimes have homeless pets available for adoption from shelters or rescue groups, or you host adoption events. Consumers can contact your store to inquire about pets for adoption or adoption events held at your store.


We apologize, but the selected Survey is currently unavailable.


NOTE: The HSUS reserves the right to remove a store from this program at any time if we have reason to believe that the store has breached this agreement. Signing above indicates agreement to return the Puppy Friendly Store sign and materials to The HSUS if the store resumes selling puppies. The HSUS reserves the right to terminate authorization to display our materials in the event that your store/employees engage in any activities or conduct that are inconsistent with The HSUS’s broader policies or programs.