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Arrests, Convictions, and Legislation

The Animal Rescue Team gets justice for animals

Arrestees Texas cockfight pit

Parker County Sheriff's Department

In the past few years, the Animal Rescue Team has saved thousands of animals and obtained justice for abused animals. What follows is a sampling of recent cases.

August 2011

July 2011

  • Indiana—Dogfighting case: 4 people charged with felony dogfighting after an HSUS-led raid
  • California—Animal fighting: Governor signs into law a bill increasing penalties against those who run animal fighting operations
  • Tennessee—Animal cruelty: Animal cruelty charges levied in case involving 22 neglected horses rescued by The HSUS
  • Maryland—Animal cruelty: 78 misdemeanor animal cruelty charges filed in horse neglect case involving 133 horses rescued by The HSUS

June 2011

  • Hawaii—Dogfighting: Felony dogfighting bill signed into law
  • South Carolina—Cockfighting trial: The final 3 arrestees from a 2010 HSUS-led cockfighting raid plead guilty, ending the case with a total of 75 cockfighting convictions
  • Virginia—Cockfighting trial: Felony cockfighting conviction in King William County based on HSUS expert testimony
    Ohio—Dogfighting case: Grand jury indicts man on 3 felony dogfighting charges, stemming from an Aug. 2010 HSUS-led raid
  • Alabama—Hoarding case: 2 animal cruelty convictions, sentence of 6 months hard labor, based on Houston County raid 3 months earlier 
  • Texas—Cockfighting: Governor signs bill strengthening cockfighting penalties
  • New York—Bill passed to strengthen animal fighting law

May 2011

  • Kansas—Cockfighting trial: First conviction of a cockfighter since the  passage of Kansas' felony cockfighting law, stemming from a 2009 HSUS-led raid.
  • California—Cockfighting case: Jail time and over $4,000 in fines for 'no contest' plea to cockfighting charges based on an HSUS-led raid in El Dorado County  

April 2011

  • Florida—Animal fighting case: 60 charges of animal fighting after 24 dogs and 100 gamefowl seized in HSUS-led raid 
  • Tennessee—Puppy mill trial: Guilty plea from puppy mill owner to animal cruelty charges; 4-year ban on dog breeding (based on HSUS-led raid)
  • California—Cockfighting: Passage of rooster-restriction ordinance in Solano County; HSUS testified
  • Mississippi—Felony animal cruelty bill signed into law

March 2011 

  • CaliforniaCockfighting case: 1 year in county jail for Solano County man for cockfighting and felony animal cruelty convictions, based on HSUS assistance and expert testimony 
  •  Arizona—Hoarding cruelty case: 2 people charged with 17 counts each of animal cruelty (7 felony and 10 misdemeanor); 228 animals seized and later ordered forfeited by court
  • Florida—Dogfighting raid: 1 arrest; 5 dogs, fighting pit, and narcotics seized
  • California—Cockfighting case: 1 conviction on charge of possessing animal fighting implements, based on previous HSUS-assisted raid in San Luis Obispo County

February 2011

  • Tennessee—Puppy mill bust: Breeder charged with animal cruelty, 97 dogs and one cat removed
  • Louisiana—Horse cruelty case: 1 animal cruelty charge, 5 horses seized
  • Texas—Cockfighting case: Several arrests, 44 fighting birds seized
  • California—Dogfighting raid: 2 arrests; 17 dogs, narcotics, and dogfighting implements seized, based on HSUS-provided intelligence and guidance  

January 2011

November 2010

  • New York—Dogfighting case: Dogfighting charges pending and dog seized based on tip-line call
  • Florida—Dogfighting case: Dogfighting conviction of Maurice Bayless, a major dogfighting target, based on HSUS-provided intelligence and guidance  
  • California—Dogfighting case: HSUS provides sentencing recommendations to San Diego prosecutor for sentencing of convicted dogfighter. 
  • Vermont—First-ever felony animal cruelty convicton for a slaughterhouse, based on an HSUS undercover investigation

October 2010

  • Florida—Dogfighting bust: 25 felony counts of dogfighting and 25 misdemeanor counts of cruelty levied by USDA OIG against major dogfighting target, based on HSUS intelligence, information, and assistance
  • North Carolina—Dogfighting raid: 9 dogs seized and charges pending, based on HSUS intelligence
  • North Carolina—Hoarding case: 2 arrests on 25 counts of animal cruelty each, 80 animals seized
  • Indiana—Cockfighting case: 1 arrest, 42 birds seized based on HSUS advice
  • Maryland—Dogfighting case: Guilty verdict on all charges, based in part on HSUS' expert testimony

September 2010

  • Wyoming—Animal hoarding case: 17 charges of animal cruelty each for two residents, and one charge for a third resident living in a cat-hoarding house.
  • Montana—Animal hoarding case: 2 felony animal cruelty charges levied, based on an HSUS rescue of nearly 100 dogs in Wibaux County
  • Virginia—Cockfighting trial: 6-month prison sentence for cockfighter arrested in previous HSUS-assisted raid
  • Ohio—Cockfighting: Guity verdict for Ohio Gamefowl Breeders Association on charges of campaign finance violations, stemming from HSUS investigation
  • California—Dogfighting trial: Felony dogfighting conviction (based on HSUS' expert testimony); prison time expected  

August 2010

  • Wyoming—Hoarding case: 17 misdemeanor canimal cruelty counts each for two individuals, 157 cats seized
  • Kentucky—Hoarding case: Owner of dogs to be arraigned on cruelty charges, 111 dogs seized
  • Indiana—Cockfighting raid: 1 arrest on felony cockfighting charges, 193 birds seized from major cockfighting target 
  • Virginia—Cockfighting raid: 2 people charged with cockfighting, 80 birds seized
  • Ohio

July 2010

  • North Carolina—Cockfighting raid: 7 arrests and numerous felony charges for cockfighting, gun charges and drugs, as well as several animal cruelty charges; over 400 chickens and 24 gamefowl seized
  • Florida—Dogfighting raid: 1 arrest on felony dogfighting charges, more pending after raid of major kennel (HSUS-provided intel and guidance.)  

June 2010

  • Vermont—Slaughterhouse cruelty investigation: 1 felony animal cruelty charge, 2 misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals, and 1 felony charge of aggravated animal cruelty for slaugherhouse workers; 1 animal cruelty charge for former slaughterhouse owner
  • Tennessee—Cockfighting pit raided: 104 arrested, over 150 birds seized
  • California—Cockfighting raid: 3 arrests, over 1200 birds seized from large gamefowl farm
  • Virginia—Dogfighting raid: 3 felony dogfighting charges, 5 dogs rescued
  • South Carolina—Cockfighting pit raid: 85 arrested, 197 birds seized 
  • West Virginia—Animal cruelty case: Man convicted of 3 animal cruelty charges in HSUS horse rescue case

May 2010

  • California—Cockfighting raid: 3 arrests, 850 gamefowl seized from major gamefowl farm
  • Arkansas—Puppy mill trial: Two puppy mill operators convicted of 8 animal cruelty charges each, stemming from Oct. 2009 HSUS-led rescue
  • Virginia and North Carolina—Dogfighting raid: Major dogfighter arrested, 19 dogs seized. 1 felony count dogfighting in Va., 15 felony counts dogfighting in N.C., 11 misdemeanor counts neglect
  • Oklahoma—Puppy mills: Governor signs into law a bill cracking down on puppy mills

April 2010

  • Alaska—Legislation: First-offense felony animal cruelty bill passes
  • New Mexico—Dogfighting raid: 2 arrests, several dogs seized after call to tip line 
  • North Carolina—Dogfighting raid: 17 dogs seized at significant dogfighting operation (HSUS assisted law enforcement in developing probable cause.)
  • Michigan—Cockfighting trial: All felony charges upheld in preliminary hearing, case headed for trial (based on HSUS' expert testimony)
  • Wisconsin—Cockfighting trial: Prison sentence for cockfighter (based in part on HSUS interview with probation officer)
  • Nebraska—Animal fighting: Governor signs bill into law to strengthen animal fighting penalties

March 2010

  • Virginia—Cockfighting raid: 2 facing felony charges, 331 birds seized
  • Georgia—Dogfighting bust: 5 arrested and 9 dogs seized after tip line call regarding dogfight-in-progress. 
  • Arizona—Dogfighting case: Major dogfighters Pat Patrick and Emily Dennis forfeit property to Pima County Sheriffs Department
  • New Jersey—Cockfighting case: 1 felony charge, 200 birds seized (HSUS advised NJSPCA.)
  • California—Cockfighting raid: 1 arrest, 25 birds seized (HSUS advised Santa Cruz Co. authorities.)
  • Kentucky—Dogfighting case: Multiple felony dogfighting charges and animal cruelty charges, based in part on HSUS' advice to prosecutor

February 2010

  • Tennessee—Puppy mill trial: Animal cruelty conviction and 10-year prison sentence, based on 2008 HSUS raid of a puppy mill in Lyles 
  • California—Cockfighting raid: Felony charges pending against 2 individuals, 600 fighting birds impounded from San Bernardino County operation
  • Maryland—Dogfighting raid: Arrests pending; 4 dogs, dogfighting paraphernalia, drugs, and guns seized from 2 properties 

January 2010

  • Texas—Cockfighting raid: 176 arrests, 118 birds seized from cockfighting pit 
  • Michigan—Cockfighting raid: 1 felony arrest; 22 birds signed over, 10 seized, and more than 100 birds impounded from 2 gamefowl farms
  • North Carolina—Dogfighting investigation: 1 felony cruelty charge; 2 dogs seized (based on HSUS intelligence) 
  • Ohio—Horse abuse case: 1 arrest of ex-horse trainer (with HSUS assistance)
  • California—Cockfighting raid: 33 arrests, 80 fighting cocks seized from cockfighting derby-in-progress (after consulting with HSUS)
  • Nebraska—Animal cruelty case: Ranch owner convicted of 145 counts of felony animal cruelty, based on HSUS-assisted raid uncovering massive horse neglect

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