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Help the Animal Rescue Team

  • Our Animal Rescue Team brings animals to safety and provides emergency care. Debbie Pegrem/Tunica Humane Society

Your donation to The HSUS Animal Rescue Team supports our work to save animals from disasters and animal cruelty and to help prosecute their abusers.

Every year we remove thousands of animals from puppy mills, animal fighting operations, and any situations—such as hurricanes, floods and tornadoes—where animals suffer.

Then we work with veterinarians, volunteers, and rescue and shelter partners across the country to get the animals healthy and on a path to their new homes. 

Donations to the Animal Rescue Team will be used to:

  • Provide a fully-equipped response team to rescue animals and care for them until they can be placed with rescue groups, in shelters or in homes.
  • Provide assistance to local communities and law enforcement so that they can respond to disasters and urgent cases of animal cruelty and to build local capacity for future cases.
  • Fund an investigations unit composed of experts on illegal animal cruelty, animal fighting and puppy mills so that we can work with law enforcement to shut down the worst operations for good.
  • Train law enforcement and prosecutors nationwide on taking action against criminals who harm animals, either with active malice or through neglect
  • Fund and promote our reward fund that provides up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of animal fighters and other animal abusers
  • Provide care for animals seized in animal cruelty and fighting cases. Without this assistance, police are often reluctant to pursue cases involving large numbers of animals.

Learn more about the work of the Animal Rescue Team »

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