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Dogfighting Rescue Coalition

Finding loving homes for rescued fighting dogs

  • Brix is happy with his new life and is learning to trust people.

  • Now a therapy dog, Smiles goes to weekly training classes with his new owner. "I am so proud of my boy!" says Sarah Newcomer. 

  • Jimmy "is a joy to be around...We couldn't have asked for a better dog!" exclaims his owner. Jean-Marie Truchard.

  • Sedona "screams for joy when I come home....She is one Very Special Little Dog," says her adopter, Dave. The Real Pit Bull, Inc.

  • "At the end of the day, we look after each other," says Jen Brown. "I couldn't have asked for a better friend." Matthew Ryan Photography

It's hard to imagine a happier dog than Ferdinand.

With tail wagging and eyes gleaming, he trots down the sidewalk every Sunday alongside his owner Jen, en route to getting his favorite doggie soft-serve ice cream. 

At night, he tunnels under his blankets amid his stuffed toys and falls into a deep, contented sleep.

Ferdinand is just one of the dozens of dogs who have found happy homes through the Dogfighting Rescue Coalition.

And if these rescued dogs are happy with their lucky lot, their adoptive owners are equally thrilled.

Sedona, a little golden-coated pit bull from an Ohio dogfighting bust, is descibed by her adopter as "one Very Special Little Dog" who "is happy to have the other two dogs around, and is a complete clown around the house...loves her treat ball, enjoys her bones and screams for joy when I come home."

Smiles' adopter is equally effusive when speaking about her new charge: "He has gotten REALLY big...though is still a huge baby. He attends group dog training class once a week in the city with me through The Dog Saving Network. He has come REALLY far since first starting. I am so proud of my boy!"

Jimmy's owner describes him as "an amazing dog," who "gets along great with our two cats, doesn't chew on things or bark and is a joy to be around. He is such a sweetie and a real snuggle bug at bed time! We couldn't have asked for a better dog."

What is the Dogfighting Rescue Coalition?

The DRC is a national network of animal shelters and rescue groups dedicated to giving every dog rescued from dogfighting operations a chance at a new life.

Within the DRC, each dog is individually evaluated for placement by a team of experts.

After a dogfighting bust, DRC members take in the abused canine victims, work with them, and ultimately place them into loving homes.

How successful is the Dogfighting Rescue Coalition?

With the help of the DRC, our success rate at finding homes dogs rescued from fighting operations has been phenomenal. Despite their trauma and abuse, many dogs have gone on to become Certified Therapy Dogs, service dogs for wounded veterans, and Canine Good Citizen® certificate recipients.

Most importantly, each one goes on to become a wonderful and loyal family pet. Their stories are a testament to the incredible potential inside every dog. 

Joining the Dogfighting Rescue Coalition

When it comes to saving animals, the phrase "it takes a village" comes to mind. Nowhere is this more applicable than the rescue of dogfighting victims—beginning with the investigators and law enforcement officers who free the dogs and extending to the coalition of animal protection advocates who take them in, everyone has a part in rescuing these abused dogs.

Giving dogs an opportunity to make a new, positive start from a negative beginning is extremely rewarding... I encourage rescues and shelters to join this coalition, where we all work together toward a common goal.
—Amy Dengler, Hello Bully Behavior Team Leader

If you'd like to be part of the national mission to save dogfighting victims, please contact us. We'll tell you how to become a DRC member.

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