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Safe Stalls Horse Rescue Network

Equine professionals connect to help horses in crisis

  • Curious about what a typical rescue is like, or what we expect of Safe Stalls partners? Click the arrows to find out. Karla Goodson/For The HSUS

  • During a typical rescue, we evaluate horses and document their health and environment. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

  • Veterinarians help triage and treat horses during a rescue. Allen E. Sullivan/For The HSUS

  • Equine dentists can help determine the horses' ages and dental health. Michael Shane Smith/For The HSUS

  • Depending upon the nature of the emergency, horses may temporarily need land and shelter. August Miller/For The HSUS

  • A horse trailer and the willingness to help can make you a hero for horses. Apply now to be a Safe Stalls partner. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

The Safe Stalls program is a nationwide network of horse rescues, professionals, and enthusiasts who provide emergency care and shelter for horses in cruelty or natural disaster situations. The Humane Society of the United States administers Safe Stalls to address the critical needs of horses nationwide.

When animals are suffering from neglect or abuse, or are endangered because of a natural disaster, the Safe Stalls program can provide law enforcement and communities with local resources to help horses who need immediate intervention.

Safe Stalls partners will include pre-screened equine rescue groups, fosters, trainers, farriers and other professionals across the country. Partners may also be individual horse owners and enthusiasts who can supply transport, food and other care for horses.


    How to Join Safe Stalls

    If you are interested in becoming a part of the Safe Stalls network, please:

    1. Fill out one or more of these applications

    • Horse rescue application
      The Safe Stalls program needs rescues to take horses and find them new homes. Horses given to rescues will be up to date on veterinarian and farrier care unless specifically noted.

    • Transportation application
      Whether you are able to haul horses internationally, within the state or locally, please fill out an application to be recommended as a Safe Stalls partner.

    • Veterinarian application
      Equine veterinarians who are AAEP members are encouraged to apply for the Safe Stalls program.

    • Farrier application
      Safe Stalls needs certified and uncertified farriers, who can apply to be a Safe Stalls partner. All farriers should be experienced and must provide references.

    • Equine dentist application
      The Safe Stalls program is looking for certified equine dentists. Please note on your application if you are also a veterinarian or work with a particular veterinarian.

    • Land and temporary shelter application
      If you have acreage, barns or paddocks, you can help save horses by housing them on your property for a predetermined amount of time. We will negotiate cost of feed and care with landowners.

    2. If you fill out the rescue recommendation form above or have supporting documents, please email them to us or print them and send them by postal mail to The HSUS, Attn: Sára Varsa, Safe Stalls, 1255 23rd Street, NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20037.

    We will review your application and contact you regarding your interest in the program. When a need arises, we can contact you with information about any rescue in your area, and ask what you might be able to provide at that time.

    About the Halladay Family Foundation

    Roy Halladay, former star pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, and his wife, Brandy, are great friends to animals and to The HSUS. With a particular fondness for equines, the Halladays network with people interested in helping horses, and their Halladay Family Foundation spearheaded the Safe Stalls initiative.

    Roy Halladay, former star pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, and his wife, Brandy, adopted a horse from an HSUS raid in 2010. Their passion to help horses has only increased, and the Safe Stalls program is spearheaded by The Humane Society of the United States and The Halladay Family Foundation.

    If you have questions about the Safe Stalls program after reading this page and the information in our applications, please email us.

    You can also choose to support Safe Stalls with your monetary donation. Please also sign up for our online community to get information about rescues and other work of The HSUS.

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