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August 6, 2013

Law Enforcement Training on Animal Cruelty Crimes

Often free for law enforcement

swat team

Allison Williams/For The HSUS

The Humane Society of the United States provides training to thousands of law enforcement officers across the country on how to investigate dogfighting, cockfighting, and animal cruelty crimes.

Get in touch with us today to sharpen your technique and learn new skills for busting criminals who abuse or neglect animals.

Often free

Training is often free for law enforcement personnel.

What you'll learn

Our workshops will cover:

  • Background on dogfighting, cockfighting, and illegal animal abuse in your state
  • How dogfighting and cockfighting are associated with other felony crimes
  • Investigating a cruelty or fighting complaint, from first response to filing charges
  • Recognizing evidence of dogfighting, cockfighting, and illegal cruelty
  • Interviews, warrants, and evidence collection as related to animal crimes
  • Knowing, interpreting, and applying cruelty and fighting laws in your state

Workshop leaders

Our trainers (listed below) are former and current law enforcement personnel with expertise in enforcing animal protection laws.

  • Naomi Charboneau
  • Michael Gabrielson
  • Adam Parascandola
  • Janette Reever
  • Eric Sakach
  • Ken Sullivan

Interested in training?

For more information, contact Rebecca C. Pickens, rpickens@humanesociety.org or 615-887-6417.

Because of the sensitive nature of the material presented in this class, participation is restricted to law enforcement personnel.

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