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June 10, 2013

Make a Disaster Plan for Your Pets

How to keep pets safe in natural disasters or everyday emergencies

  • The best way to keep your pets safe during an emergency is to keep them with you. istockphoto

When disaster strikes, the same rules that apply to people apply to pets: Preparation makes all the difference, and if it's not safe for you, it's not safe for them.

Take a few minutes to make a plan and use our mobile-friendly checklist to assemble an emergency kit for yourself and your pet.

See our disaster and pets checklist below to get started.



To-Do List for Protecting Your Pets in a Disaster

1 Start getting ready now

ID your pet

Put together your disaster kit

Find a safe place to stay ahead of time

2 If you evacuate, take your pet

3 If you stay home, do it safely

4 Keep taking care even after the disaster

5 Be ready for everyday emergencies

You can't get home to your pet

Heat wave

The electricity goes out


Plans aren't just for pets

Disaster plans aren't only essential for the safety of pets. If you're responsible for other kinds of animals during natural disasters, disaster plans for feral or outdoor cats, horses, and animals on farms can be life-savers.

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