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U.S. hunters shoot about 33,000 bears each year—and poachers kill thousands more. In fact, bears are a favorite target for trophy hunters the world over. Some states even allow unsporting bear baiting, hounding (cruel to bears and dogs), and spring hunts, which can orphan cubs to die slowly.

Gentle black bears will stay away from people unless lured by food, but some hunters stir up fear as an excuse for hunts. Many bears die to satisfy the black market for folk remedies. Vacationing trophy seekers kill polar bears although they are already in peril from global warming.

You can help by learning the bear facts [PDF] and pressing your elected officials for change.


Calif. Raises Bear Hunt Quota--and Eyebrows

California Fish and Game proposes allowing 2,000 bears to be killed in the coming season. Ironically, the agency chose the 100th anniversary of state adoption of the bear flag to expand bear trophy hunting.

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