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Activists' Toolkit against Spring Bear Hunting

bear cub hugging tree


Only eight states allow spring bear hunts, largely because the practice is recklessly inhumane.

Killing bears in the spring inevitably leads to orphaned cubs, who are still nursing at the time. These cubs, unable to survive on their own, are left to starve slowly to death or be killed by predators. Our Spring Bear Hunting Fact Sheet has more details.

Is hunting bears in the spring legal in your state [PDF]? If so, help us end this unsporting practice by sending a few quick letters.

We provide sample letters to the editor, sample letters to your legislators, and sample op-eds to get you started. You can edit these or use them as a guide to write your own. 

Write a letter to the editor

A well-written, well-timed letter to the editor can shift public opinion and influence policy.

Ask elected officials to stop the hunts

Spring bear hunting, like bear baiting and hunting bears with hounds, is an abuse that must be banned at the state level.

Write an op-ed

If you want to be more creative, try submitting a longer essay to the op-ed pages of your favorite newspaper.

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