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Effective Conflict Resolution with Bears

The Humane Society of the United States

Most human-bear conflicts can be prevented or discouraged. If you live in bear country, learn what's luring bears to your home and remove those items. Bears are attracted to anything that's edible or that they associate with food.

  • Don't leave birdfeeders outdoors from March through November. Or hang them at least 10 feet from the ground, trees or structures.

  • Instead of using birdfeeders to attract birds, try a birdbath. Wait to feed birds until the winter months when they need the extra food and when bears have gone into hibernation.

  • Don't compost outdoors. If you do, consider installing fencing around the pile.

  • Keep companion animals indoors.

  • Bring pet food indoors.

  • Secure garbage and keep it indoors until the morning of pickup instead of putting it out the night before.

  • Replace regular trashcans with bear-proof trashcans or a dumpster.

  • Keep garbage cans clean and deodorize them with ammonia.

  • Harvest fruit from trees before or as soon as it is ripe and don't leave fallen fruit on the ground.

  • Clean outdoor grills after each use.

  • Keep doors and windows closed and locked.

  • Do not store food or groceries in your vehicle.

    If bears are still problematic, authorities can:

  • Use humane aversive conditioning strategies such as frightening bears with firecrackers.

  • Shoot bears with rubber bullets, which frighten the bear and cause pain, but not injury.

  • Chase bears with trained dogs. Karelian bear dogs are often used for this purpose.

  • Relocate bears to more appropriate locations.

    Where To Find Bear-proof Trashcans

  • Bearrier Bins
  • Bear Necessities
  • Bear Guard
  • BearProofDumpster.com
  • Bear Proof Inc.
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