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Ten Ways to Help Animals in Labs

  • chimp

    Kitty, who now lives at The HSUS's Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, suffered the repeated trauma of having 10 of her 14 babies taken from her while living in the now-defunct Coulston laboratory in New Mexico. HSUS

Every animal has a story.

A chimpanzee named Kitty is left to suffer for decades in a New Mexico laboratory as a "breeder," giving birth to as many as 14 baby chimpanzees for use in research.

Echo, a pet dog, is stolen from his backyard in Arkansas and sold by a Class B dealer to a research laboratory in Minnesota.

It's hard to believe that their stories are true, and yet Kitty and Echo represent just two of the millions of animals who are harmed by experiments or suffer in laboratories in the United States every year.

You can help. Take action with our list of ten ways to make a difference for animals in labs.

Top ten ways to help

1. The recently introduced Humane Cosmetics Act would prohibit animal-tested cosmetics from being manufactured and sold in the U.S. Please act now to support this groundbreaking legislation!
» Take action
» Learn about cosmetic testing on animals

2. Our undercover investigation at a Georgia Regents University animal laboratory revealed what happened behind closed doors to dogs supplied by a random source Class B dog dealer. In January, less than two months after the investigation footage was released, GRU confirmed that they will no longer purchase dogs from these unscrupulous dealers. This is a great step forward, but dogs at GRU still need our help.
» Ask GRU to stop dental experiments on dogs
» Tell the USDA to make random source Class B dog and cat dealers a thing of the past
» Watch the undercover footage and learn more about the investigation
» Learn more about pets used in experiments

3. The chimpanzee paintings featured during our Chimpanzee Art Contest and recently auctioned off on eBay are now available as prints! They make great gifts and the sales benefit chimpanzee sanctuaries, but they’re only available for a limited time.
» Order a print

» Learn about chimpanzees used in research

4. Urge your Member of Congress to co-sponsor the Battlefield Excellence through Superior Training (BEST) Practices Act, which would phase out the inhumane use of animals in military training exercises.
» Take action
» Learn more about animals used in medical training

5. Ask your Members of Congress to co-sponsor the Pet Safety and Protection Act, which would put random source Class B dog and cat dealers out of business.
» Take action
» Learn more about pets used in experiments

6. Sign our Be Cruelty-Free pledge today and say no to cosmetics animal testing in the United States and worldwide.
» Take action

» Learn about our Be Cruelty-Free campaign

7. Urge more than 350 U.S. universities to prohibit severe suffering in animals at campus laboratories, then find out where your school stands.
» Take action

» Learn about protecting animals at universities from severe suffering

8. Get your free cruelty-free shopping guide.
» Download the app for iPhone/iPad or Android
» Request a pocket-sized guide
» Print the PDF version

9. Donate to help animals used in harmful experiments.
» Give to support our work helping animals in laboratories
» Give to the Chimps Deserve Better Fund
» Give to help the 100+ chimpanzees being moved to Chimp Haven sanctuary

10. Wear your cause on your sleeve! The proceeds from these animal-friendly items support our work and help animals in laboratories.
» Shop Zazzle's Chimps Deserve Better store
» Shop Zazzle's Be Cruelty-Free store

Even more ways to take action

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  • Take Action
  • Urge your legislators to end cosmetics testing on animals act now