The End Animal Cruelty and Fighting Campaign takes action to stop animal fighting nationwide for good. Join us in working to strengthen laws to protect animals and to prevent abuses such as dogfighting and cockfighting.

cat at a cruelty rescue

How Your State Rates

Our most recent Humane State Ranking shows how all the states compare when it comes to cruelty laws and other important animal issues.

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Take Action Through Our Issues

  • Abuse and neglect

    Growing awareness about animal cruelty has spawned a spate of stronger animal protection laws; enforcing them remains the task at hand. Learn More

  • Dogfighting


    With 40,000 professional dogfighters and more than 100,000 street dogfighters nationwide, man's best friend is in dire straits. Learn More

  • Cockfighting


    Fighting roosters lead lives of misery, bred so cockfighters can strap knives onto their legs, toss them into pits, and watch the bloodshed. Learn More

  • Puppy mills

    puppy mill dog

    Puppy mill dogs are often neglected, unsocialized, and exposed to harsh weather. Yet this is where pet store puppies come from. Learn More

  • Hog-dog fighting

    Hog-Dog Fighting

    A twisted take on dogfighting, hog-dog fighters sic a trained dog on a helpless hog to tear the creature to shreds. Learn More

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