Animals need their fur more than we do. The HSUS is committed to ending cruelty and killing for fur--in favor of compassion in fashion.

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Portrait of an adult red fox

Oliver Childs/

Faux-Fur Competition at Parsons

The HSUS and Designer Donna Salyers are challenging design students at Parsons: The New School for Design to create garments with faux fur as part of their senior theses or other major school projects.

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  • Fur production

    The cruel reality of fur

    Although the fur industry does its best to keep the cruelty out of sight, suffering is a common ingredient in all methods of procuring fur, from fur factory farming to trapping. Learn More

  • Dogs and cats in the fur trade

    Dogs and cats killed for fur

    Few people realize the true scale of suffering wild animals endure for the fur trade. Less well-known is that buying fur or fur trim supports an industry that also kills millions of domestic dogs and cats each year. Learn More

  • Fur in fashion

    Shop fur-free

    You already know how cruel fur is. But with labeling laws being what they are, how do you know which brands to trust? We've compiled a list of fur-free retailers and designers to inform your shopping. Learn More

  • Commercial seal hunt

    Stop the seal hunt

    Canada's annual commercial seal hunt is the largest commercial hunt of marine mammals on the planet. Help us stop the killing today. Learn More

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