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Trophy Hunting

Every year hundreds of thousands of wild animals globally are killed solely to obtain a "prize" — that is, the heads, hides or pelts, and even whole stuffed animals — to hang on a wall, throw on the floor, or pose in a room. Trophy hunting is unethical, cruel, harmful and unsustainable. The concept that individuals kill remarkable and rare animals for recreation and trophies is no longer an acceptable practice to the large majority of Americans.

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  • Poaching


    Poachers may kill at least as many animals each year as legal hunters do, and these criminals don't care whether they hunt in season or kill endangered animals. Learn More

  • Fox pens


    Dogs are judged on how they chase down fenced-in foxes and coyotes. Pens are a new game of suffering that should be shut down. Learn More

  • Captive hunts

    Captive Shoots

    In captive hunts, shooters pay to kill animals trapped behind fences. What's "fair chase" about that? Learn More

  • Lead ammunition

    Spent lead ammunition painfully poisons and kills millions of animals every year after animals forage in heavily hunted areas or eat lead-laced carcasses left behind by hunters. Learn more

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