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Life for captive whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals is nothing like a life in the ocean. It is almost impossible to maintain a family group in captivity, a tragedy for whales and dolphins. When you see marine mammals in tanks or pools, consider what they have lost in order to entertain us.

Whales and dolphins swim long distances each day, sometimes in a straight line for 100  miles. Most seals and sea lions migrate hundreds of miles each year. How large is the average tank in a zoo or aquarium?

Dolphins are self-aware and capable of abstract thinking.  When captured from the wild, they are ripped violently and traumatically from their social units. Japan's drive fishery is a particularly cruel example, in which many dolphins are slaughtered alongside the so-called "lucky" ones, who are sold to dolphin display facilities.

Get the Truth Behind Your Ticket

Don't support the commercial cruelty of parks that keep marine mammals in captivity. Refuse to swim with the dolphins or visit a marine mammal show.

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  • November 30, 2012

    A Whale of a Tale

    "The Whale" is a documentary film that tells the story of Luna, an inquisitive, friendly, orca whose life teaches us about the mysterious yet undeniable bond we have with our fellow creatures.

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